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Providing advanced learning opportunities for adults with differing Abilities worldwide

About Global Campuses Foundation (GCF)

An Innovative Post-Secondary Educational Option
for Individuals with Disabilities

Global Campuses Foundation was formed in 2001 for the purpose of providing advanced learning opportunities for under-served populations worldwide, primarily people with disability. Celebrating ability, GCF reorients the experience of disability as a positive and unique life experience with the pursuit of lifelong learning as a noble goal.

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Mission Statement-The mission of Global Campuses Foundation is facilitating collaborative learning for adults of all abilities.

Vision Statement- The vision of GCF is to provide a network of campuses fostering advanced learning opportunities for adults who experience disability.

GCF's educational philosophy and methodologies promote campus members taking ownership and stewardship of their campus. Global Campus participants are the creators and producers of their educational experiences and take on leadership opportunities as faculty, students, and administrative staff.

“I never thought I'd ever be able to go to college.”
Scott, Global Campus Bradford


Global Campuses Foundation's Educational Formats

  • Campus Seminar
  • Teaching Methods
  • Campus Administrative Staff Meetings
  • Community as Campus Model
  • Campus to Campus Connections
  • Community Service
  • Stewardship Projects

The Global Campuses Foundation Network

GCF fosters a worldwide network of campuses that are interconnected to promote authentic cross-cultural exchanges and innovative educational opportunities. Currently, there are eleven campuses in Vermont USA, one campus in New Hampshire, and seven in Northern Thailand.

Global Campuses Foundation Campus to Campus Connections Program (C2C)

Non and Ka visit a Vermont GCF classroom form ThailandOur Campus to Campus Connections program (C2C) offers a dynamic opportunity to be in relationship with Global Campus participants at campus locations within a bioregion as well as with campuses around the world. C2C is designed to strengthen cross cultural understanding, global perspective, environmental consciousness and disability awareness through education, communication and travel exchange. Global Campus participants come together in person at C2C conferences, travel to each other’s campuses for site visits, as well as connect through innovative mediums offered by current communication technology. As with all GCF programs, campus connection activities are literally created, implemented, and sustained by the campus participants. With GCF’s educational facilitation, the Campus to Campus Connections program promotes the realization for participants that they belong to something bigger; in this case the GCF Network of Global Campuses. The power of this realization and the actual development of cross cultural friendships, social networks, and collegial relationships offer significant benefits to all involved.

Global Campuses Foundation's Resources

Global Campuses Foundation develops and directs financial and human resources to support its world campuses. The foundation relies upon a diversity of funding sources including private and corporate donations, partnership agreements, grants, in kind, and pro bono services. Additionally each campus generates its own resources. GCF is a 501(c)(3) USA based NGO

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