Global Campuses Foundation Brings the World to New England

Keeping Winter at Bay With Tropical Spices and Sunshine From Thailand

Every year, Global Campus participants discuss ideas and choose a special topic of focus to explore during the 4-week winter interim session.  Winter Interim provides a lively area of study between the Fall and Spring semesters, with the chance to dive deep into a single topic pertaining to cross cultural and international studies. 

This year’s winter interim theme was Around the World with Food.  Each week, participants took turns exploring the history, language, culture and food – especially the food! – of four countries from around the world:  France, Greece, Morocco and Thailand.  Videos featuring GCF participants in Thailand, and a family member of a GCF colleague who is from Morocco, shared perspectives about their cultures and added a real-world dimension to those lessons. 

Our colleagues from Global Campus Thailand shared a special instructional video on the preparation of a spicy seafood salad.  “Yum Rauom,” or Glass Noodle Salad, is a popular staple of the Thai kitchen with fresh green chiles, red chile sauce, vegetables, Thai spices, rice noodles, and an array of fresh seafoods including shrimp, crab, squid, mussels and fish. 

Intrigued (and also a little hungry), several of our Vermont Global Campuses took up the challenge!  GC Newport and GC Moretown collected all the ingredients and took a turn at making Yum Rauom.  As you can see in the video, the Glass Noodle Salad was a huge hit!  GC Randolph made a vegetarian version, and paired it with Thai smoothies.  All nine New England Global Campuses agreed that their “trip” around the world made the winter a little brighter.