Global Campus Participants in Thailand Learn English from a South African Teacher

ThatŐs a lot of cross-cultural exchange!  Last year, GC Chiang Mai and GC Sangkapang in Thailand prioritized the acquisition of English language skills for their education.  We are thrilled that participants have now completed ten months of English instruction offered by visiting scholar Tseofatso Blessing (Tso), a young man from South Africa.  After twice-weekly classes, participants demonstrate a significant improvement in both their speaking and reading/writing skills.

Tso is an amazing teacher and individual.  He is in Chiang Mai to study the Thai language, and working to complete his USA-GED so that he can pursue a BachelorŐs degree at Payap University.  He hopes to graduate and return to South Africa, to work in a profession outside the diamond mining industry – the default profession for many of his male siblings at the orphanage where he was raised.  Tso is an inspiration and role model for his 200 brothers and sisters at the orphanage, a living example of whatŐs possible for them in education and in life if they work hard in school.  The Global Campus participants, his students, are thrilled to be part of a support network that is helping Tso to reach his goal.

Huge thanks as always to the World Wide Small Change Foundation, which supports GCFŐs work in Thailand and has underwritten these English courses for Global Campus Thailand!