Community Spotlight

All Global Campuses are community campuses.  They are in the community, they create community, they give back to the community, and they strengthen community.   Participants of a Global Campus open up new pathways to engage in authentic, meaningful, and fulfilling relationships with each other, and with the broader community in which they live.

Each semester, Global Campus participants at all 9 New England campuses look for new opportunities to use community venues as classrooms.  Teaching in different locations offers fresh perspectives on course topics, and new insights into community resources that GC participants can take advantage of in their everyday lives.

The Fall 2016 semester offered many examples.  Following are three that participants found particularly rewarding:

Tyler, a participant at GC Bradford, brought his colleagues to the Always Fit Athletic Club in Woodsville, NH to teach a class on physical fitness called Workout with Tyler.  Putting theory into action, the entire class jumped up on the exercise bikes to get a feel for the spinning craze.  Tyler shared how a little bit of dedication and persistence in getting to the gym, can work wonders for fitness and health. 

Vicki, a participant at GC Randolph, taught the latest Global Campus class at the ArtisTree  Community Arts Center in Pomfret.  ArtisTree has always welcomed Global Campus teachers and classes, and its beautiful setting and facilities are perfect for art-themed courses.  VickiÕs subject, Happy Holiday Card-Making, offered creative gift-card making tips and techniques to several GC Randolph scholars, as well as friends (not pictured) from ZackÕs Place. 

Dennis, a participant at GC Springfield, taught a two-part class last semester on the life and Presidency of Abraham Lincoln.  Following an in-class presentation, Dennis followed up with a second class held at the Hildene, the Lincoln Family Home in Manchester, VT.  The class toured the museum, studied historical documents and artifacts, and modeled period clothing.  Thanks to the great staff of the Hildene for their enthusiasm and welcoming spirit! 

Global Campus Foundation recognizes the importance of these community connections, and the many other aspects of Global Campus that foster stronger community ties and community belonging.   During the Spring 2017, GCF is working with participants to develop additional strategies that will strengthen this component of the Global Campus experience.  WeÕre excited to share more about this with you in the next newsletter!