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Support a Specific GCF Campus or Project

Many individuals or groups appreciate the opportunity to support specific projects, activities, or items to further
the mission of the Global Campuses Foundation. The following represents direct sponsorship opportunities for the campuses in USA and Southeast Asia.

USA Campuses and Projects:

St. Johns Vermont Global Campus

Each Global Campus operates on a frugal budget which relies on supplemental support of financial and human resources, donated materials and equipment, and free use of community venue space. The following are some current requested needs:

  • Digital camera
  • Projector
  • Video camera
  • Scholarships for transportation
  • Classroom supplies
  • Computers/printers
  • Funds for Campus to Campus Connections Program activities
  • Donate community facility for campus venue
  • Sponsorship $ to underwrite initiation of new campuses
  • Underwriting Global Campuses Community Service Projects

South East Asia Campuses and Projects:

Make your donated dollars go further! See how significant the impact can be!

Global Campuses Foundation operates in ThailandThe currency exchange rate of the US dollar to the Thai baht and to the Cambodian Riel offers a great opportunity to stretch the impact of a financial donation in US dollars.

Sponsor an academic year for new campuses by underwriting a significant portion of a 12 month budget:

  • $575 for a Global Campus in rural Nan province, Thailand
  • $875 for a Global Campus in a city sub district, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • $600 for a Global Campus in Cambodia

Sponsor professional training for new campus directors:

  • $300 supports roundtrip airfare per person from Phnom Penh, Cambodia to Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • $200 for transportation and accommodation per person roundtrip from Nan province to Chiang Mai. Thailand
  • $125 underwrites curriculum publications and other educational materials

Sponsor the ongoing activities of Global Campus Chiang Mai as the main campus and professional training center for new campuses:

  • $30,000 annual budget
  • $550 underwrites GCC staff as professional trainers for new campuses
  • $300 Contributes to local transportation costs for campus participants
  • $250 underwrites a campus participant for one academic term
  • $$$ Supply new laptop computer(s) for easy portability for physically challenged
  • $450 For projector
  • $100 To build accessibility ramps
  • $300 for a cover for back of campus pick-up truck to protect campus participants from sun and rain while on field work and community outreach
  • $500 for a specialized wheelchair pad

Please inquire for a detailed wish list of additional needed and desired items.


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