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Providing advanced learning opportunities for adults with differing Abilities worldwide

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New England, USA

The Global Campuses Experience

Learn about the Global Campuses Experience The Global Campus Experience is realized by adults with differing abilities through participation as teaching faculty, student learners, and administrative staff. Participants create and manage their campus environments and educational programs.

 “Global Campus is a place where people can go teach and learn. We present certificate awards for participating. Our classes teach us to live independently. We learn different things.”

Jayson, GC Newport

Global Campuses Foundation Is Invited To Vermont

In 2003, GCF was invited to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, USA by adults with developmental disabilities who wished to start their own Global Campus (GC). Within months, three campuses emerged in that region of the state, GC St. Johnsbury, GC Newport, and GC Hardwick. The demonstrated success of those campuses has led to the establishment of five more campuses across the state and one in New Hampshire.

Vermont and New Hampshire campus participants:

  • Design, develop, and teach (Over 1000 courses since 2003)
  • Administer registrations
  • Award and receive certificates upon completion of academic terms
  • Conduct professional development retreats for support staff and allies
  • Design evaluations for their respective campus programs

Learn about the Global Campuses Experience

There are more than 200 campus participants throughout Vermont and New Hampshire. 

Community As Campus

A significant component of the Global Campus Experience is the opportunity for participants to create their learning environment. The rural nature of New England has led to campus participants creating a dynamic campus model referred to as “Community as Campus”. Community facilities such as recreation centers, museums, libraries, churches and educational institutions are used as classrooms. Campus participants engage through teaching, learning and contributing as active members of their community.

“I learn a lot at Global Campus. It gets me involved with my community. I like to work in the woodshop. I learned to not fear to speak. I'm a teacher of the soccer class. I've learned how to be respectful of others.”
Tammy, GC Newport

Community Service And Stewardship Projects

Individuals with differing abilities have a long standing history of contributing to their communities. GCF presents an educational dimension to this historical commitment to service by facilitating development of community service opportunities. Each academic term, campus participants select a group project which builds upon their sense of identity as a campus and as positive contributors to their community.

Map of GCF's 12 campus sites


“Global Campus participants complete community service projects each term. Last term we donated a Thanksgiving food basket to NEKCA and a Christmas basket to a family in need. We like to give back to the community".
Gary, GC Newport

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