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GC Moretown Blog - Week Six

GC Moretown wrote a collaborative poem on Friday. Participants volunteered ideas for topics and worked together to create a theme - happiness and peace through the seasons. We went around in a circle and shared our contributions, working different ideas and words together. Here is our poem!


How peaceful spring can be when the summer winds start to blow in, 
And winter is finally gone. 
I love summer because I can go swimming –
It is sunny pretty much every day during the summer, 
And I eat chocolate ice cream in the pool. 
Sunsets are in love. 

But before summer, comes springtime, 
With its gentle rains and first flowers of the season.
I’ve walked in the reservoir for the last several summers, 
Eating chocolate sprinkles on chocolate ice cream. 
Then I go to my room, all by myself.
Later, I will go to the race track with the boys 
And four-wheelin’ through the woods!
But then summer turns to fall, 
And fall turns to winter.  

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