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GC Newport Community Day

GC Newport visited the residents of Bel Aire Nursing home in Newport!

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GC Hardwick Community Day

GC hardwick held a wonderful Community Day event this week in the for of a community lunch!

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GC Randolph Week of October 31, 2017-The Effects of Exercise on the Body

GC Randolph got their hearts pumping this week with a fun class in which they learned about the effects of exercise on the body and all the great reasons to exericse! We also did a short experment to demonstrate how our hearing works!  Stay tuned for more science!

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GC Lamoille-Week of October 31, 2017-GC Lamoille in its 3rd week of Fall Semester classes and looking forward to its baking project!

GC Lamoille began their Fall Semester classes on Registration Day with a class about sushi!  Last week we learned about cardinals and this week featured miniature horses and Darius Rucker, formerly of Hootie and the Blowfish!  GC Lamoille is also getting geared up for the baking day on November 15th when 30 pies will be baked for the Lamoille County Food Share Thanksgibing baskets!

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GC Bradford-week of October 31, 2017-Exploring the theme of science!

GC Bradford began the fall semester of classes last week with an interesting science class about Vermont birds.  Who knew that loons migrate to the ocean!  This week we learned about giant squid, sharks and whales and made our own ice cream!  Stay tuned for more science class updates!

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